How it all started

JPN Woodworking was created as a family and for the family. James always had a desire for woodworking and enjoyed creating projects for friends and family, however in 2018 he realized how a passion and hobby could bring joy to not only friends and family, but so many other people. It wasn't long before James and Alexa brought their individual talents together and developed "the family business". This business was not created out of the need for money or want for success or infamy. This business was created for the love of family and desire to enjoy your career. When a business is created on these values, there is no failure. There is only family.


Meet James

Our Master Woodworker and Owner

I am James. I am a husband, father, veteran, and I am JPN Woodworking's Master Woodworker. I guess that I am considered the "owner", but really I am not the only one running this business. My wife is just as much a part of this as I am. I make all the products that we produce as a business. I have always been working with my hands. Alexa draws what she wants, and I make it happen. That has been how we do things. We run this business the same way. I have been woodworking since I was a kid in high school. It was always a hobby that I kept up on. Later I graduated from York Technical Institute with a degree in electronic engineering. This was all while I spent eight years as Infantry in the army.  I now work as a correctional officer when I am not busy with the business.


Meet Alexa

Our Sales and Marketing Manager

I am a person of passion. Passion can be found in most everything I do. I am first and foremost a Mother to two amazing little girls. I am a Mother to a three year old energetic pitbull. I am a wife to a very handy husband, James. Most days he is more than I deserve whether he knows it or not. In addition to all these wonderful adjectives, I am more than those two titles. I am educated. I graduated from Marywood University with a degree in design specializing in photography. I accompanied that with a minor in business and art history. I have additional experience in branding and marketing. I am creative. I enjoy product photography the most however I also dabble in fine art photography and surrealist painting. I am the sales and marketing manager for JPN Woodworking meaning I do all the behind the scenes work. I run our web pages and social media. I keep the book keeping together. This business is run much like our household. I keep the place organized and inviting.